Witnesses and parties

Witnesses may be called, or given leave, to appear at a hearing of the Royal Commission.

Witnesses for public hearings:

Please see below a list of witnesses called at the Royal Commission’s public hearings in 2014.

Information for witnesses

If persons are required to give evidence at the Royal Commission, they will be provided with a summons to appear or to produce documents, and appropriate notice of the time the Royal Commission will call upon the summons to attend and give evidence.

The Royal Commission may decide to receive the evidence of a witness orally or by written statement. The Royal Commission will decide whether to require a witness giving evidence by statement to attend for examination or cross-examination.

Witnesses at the Royal Commission normally give evidence on oath or affirmation.

Prior to giving evidence, all witnesses are provided with guidance on their rights and responsibilities. A person who is summonsed to attend and give evidence before the Commission is allowed to be legally represented while they are giving evidence. If you are not available at the time when you have been summoned to appear before the Royal Commission, you must give notice to Office of the Royal Commission at the earliest possible opportunity.

Witness expenses information

The Attorney-General's Department is responsible for administering assistance for witnesses. A witness is anyone called, or given leave to appear, at a hearing of the Royal Commission into the Home Insulation Program.

There are two forms of assistance available:

  1. payment of witness expenses
  2. a legal financial assistance scheme.

Further information, including information about eligibility, will be available from the Attorney-General's Department website.

Parties with leave to appear

Parties with leave to appear are people who have applied for, and received, the Royal Commissioner's agreement to participate in the proceedings of the Commission, and to be legally represented. The details of how to apply for leave to appear before the Royal Commission are set out in the Royal Commission's Practice Guideline.

As at 14 April 2014, the parties that have been granted leave to appear are:

  1. Commonwealth of Australia (represented by the Australian Government Solicitor, Ms Louise Rafferty (Senior Executive Lawyer))
    Counsel: Tom Howe QC and Damian O'Donovan
  1. Murray Kenneth John Barnes (father of Rueben Kelly Barnes) (represented by Mark Williams of Potts Lawyers)
    Counsel: Bill Potts
  1. Kevin and Christine Fuller (represented by Aaron Anderson of Norton Rose Fulbright)
    Counsel: Richard Perry QC
  1. Sunny Barnes, Tully Barnes, Kelsey Debbie Barnes, Melody Barnes, Jindee Barnes, Rangi Barnes, Jason Barnes and Lyndon Hull (uncle) represented by Norton Rose Fulbright
    Counsel: Richard Perry QC
  1. Family of Marcus Wilson represented by Jessica Wilson (represented by Cathy Hunter)
    Counsel: David Barrow
  1. Martin, Wendy, Justin, Sarah and Brendan Sweeney (represented by Tahnee Christensen of Maurice Blackburn)
    Counsel: Stephen Keim QC
  1. Peter Stewart, Chair of the Home Insulation Industry Action Group and 72 other clients (represented by McLaughlin and Riordan)
    Counsel: Michael Windsor QC
  1. Peter Garrett (represented by TressCox Lawyers)
    Counsel: Antony Whitlam QC
  1. State of Queensland (represented by Crown Law, Qld)
    Counsel: Tom Bradley QC; Jody Cosgrove (solicitor)
  1. Mike Mrdak (represented by Paul Vane-Tempest of Ashurst)
    Counsel: Ian Harvey
  2. Mark Arbib (represented by Richard Murphy of Minter Ellison)
    Counsel: Adam Pomerenke QC
  3. The Honourable Kevin Rudd (represented by Patrick George of Kennedys Law)
    Counsel: Bret Walker SC.