Guidelines for media attending public hearings

Public hearings are formal hearings of the Commission which are open to the public. The hearings will be presided over by the Royal Commissioner. Counsel Assisting will call witnesses to give evidence and be examined. Evidence will be given on oath or affirmation. The witnesses may then be examined or cross-examined by persons with leave to appear.

The media will be notified of upcoming public hearings through media alerts and on the website. To join our mailing list, contact

Media facilities and live streaming

Media attending public hearings will be notified of the facilities available and any specific arrangements in advance.

Journalists are invited to view the proceedings from inside the court room, or to watch the proceedings via live streaming when it is available.

The Commission will generally offer live streaming for hearings held after 14 April 2014. Access to the live stream will be available from the Commission’s website.

Non-publication directions

The Royal Commission has powers to direct that any evidence given before it not be published.

A non-publication direction may be made, varied and/or lifted in a public hearing. The Media Advisor may advise on the currency of non-publication directions during a public hearing, however it is the responsibility of media outlets to comply with all non-publication directions. If unsure, please contact the Media Advisor on 0438 663 554 to confirm what non-publication directions are in effect.

Recording and Filming

Public hearings are being held at:

Brisbane Magistrates Court
363 George Street
Brisbane QLD 4000

The Royal Commission does not permit cameras in the Royal Commission hearing rooms, or the taking of video or still shots or personal recording devices in the reception areas, lobby and lift foyer surrounding the hearing rooms.

The Office of the Royal Commission has file material which can be made available to media.

Please contact the media team for information.


Transcripts of the Royal Commission’s public hearings are available on the Royal Commission’s website as soon as they are available.
The transcript will be edited to reflect any relevant directions not to publish.

Access to evidence

The media may inspect and take extracts from material tendered in evidence after it has been notified as available for inspection by Counsel Assisting, subject to the conditions that:

  • it not be used or permitted to be used for any purpose other than the public reporting of the proceedings of the Royal Commission, and
  • anything that is the subject of a non-publication direction must not be published.


The Office of the Royal Commission will not facilitate interviews with witnesses, counsel or the public and these are not permitted within the hearing room or areas surrounding.

Mobile phones

Mobile phones must be switched off while in the hearing room.


If you have any questions please contact the Royal Commission Media Advisor, Anna Sherburn on 0438 663 554 or contact