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Royal Commission into the Home Insulation Program

Hearings, orders and transcripts

Live streaming

A live stream of the public hearings for the Royal Commission into the Home Insulation Program is available from Monday 14 April 2014.


The Royal Commission's first public hearing was held on 23 December 2013 in Brisbane. A transcript of the first hearing is available below:

Images from the first hearing are available by contacting

Further public hearings commenced on 17 March 2014. Transcripts of the hearings are available below:

Transcripts of further hearings will be loaded as soon as they are available. Should you require transcripts in an accessible format, please contact

Upcoming public hearings

The Royal Commission into the Home Insulation Program began hearing evidence at public hearings in Brisbane on Monday 17 March 2014. The venue for the public hearing is the Brisbane Magistrates Court, 363 George Street, Brisbane.

The hearings are expected to run for up to five weeks.

The scope and purpose of the public hearings is to hear evidence about:

  • the process by which the Australian Government made decisions about the establishment and implementation of the Program
  • the process by which the Australian Government identified, assessed and managed workplace health and safety and other risks relating to the Program
  • whether the Australian Government had sufficient regard for risks and whether the Australian Government dealt with warnings or information about risks adequately
  • whether the deaths of Mr Fuller, Mr Barnes, Mr Sweeney and Mr Wilson could have been avoided if the Australian Government had taken a different approach to identifying, assessing or managing workplace health and safety risks
  • the effects of the Program on the families of Mr Fuller, Mr Barnes, Mr Sweeney and Mr Wilson, and
  • the effects of the Program on pre-existing home insulation businesses.

Information about public hearings

Public hearings are formal hearings of the Commission which are open to the public. The hearings will be presided over by the Royal Commissioner. Counsel Assisting will call witnesses to give evidence and be examined. Evidence will be given on oath or affirmation. The witnesses may then be examined or cross-examined by persons with leave to appear.

Who can attend?

The Royal Commission's public hearings will be open to the public and members of the media.

Only people who have been granted leave or given summons can appear as witnesses. The process for applying is explained on the Witnesses page.

Applying for leave to appear

The Royal Commission invites individuals and institutions to apply for leave to appear before the Royal Commission as parties where they believe they have a direct or substantial interest in the Royal Commission's inquiry.

Please refer to the Practice Guidelines for further information on how to apply for leave to appear, and a link to the appropriate form.

Please complete the application form to apply for leave to appear at the Royal Commission.